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Prepare to indulge in the epitome of hairstyling excellence at The Do Cut and Color, nestled right here in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Our team of accomplished stylists stands poised to craft the look of your dreams. Whether your preference leans toward the timeless allure of classical cuts or the chic embrace of contemporary trends, rest assured, we possess the artistry to have you exuding confidence and style. Waste no time; secure your reservation today and discover precisely why Dallas Darlings hold our salon in such high regard.

Cut & Style - Starting at $58 - $108+

Cut and Blowout Services for all hair lengths. This service covers a range of haircuts, from short pixie cuts and bobs to long-layered locks, and includes a blowout. Additional time and cost may be added to the appointment for extra thick or long hair.

*Pricing includes blowout – opting out of blowout does not impact price.

*Hair trims fall under haircut pricing.

*Hair with extra volume or extra length is subject to an additional charge of $65

Barber Cut - Starting at $38 - $88+

Clipper and barber cuts for clients with hair above the ears. Great for classic barber styles, including scissor-over-comb cuts and more!

*Does not include styling or blowout.

*Hair trims are considered haircut pricing.

  • All pricing is subject to the length/thickness and amount of color necessary for your hair. Please book a complimentary in-person consultation for more detailed pricing.
  • Prices vary depending on the stylist providing the service, please ask for details when scheduling your reservation. We feel confident in recommending all of our stylists regardless of price. For more information, please call our Front Desk.